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The Mind of Mattie.k

Thank you for drinking. I mean watching.

Posts tagged soundlyawake

Jan 20 '14

sending love and support to cece mcdonald….

May 14 '13

Aren’t make-up names funny? Inspired by a convo with @SoundlyAwake.

Mar 9 '13

An AMAZING CLASSICAL SONG with @SoundlyAwake … those were good times… :) #memories

Jan 27 '13

Autumn is BACK! here’s some shit she’s been saying.


Nov 30 '12

autumn’s friend, keisha, humbly bragging. LOLs ensue.


Sep 18 '12

i have bipolar disorder and this is how i feel sometimes.


Aug 18 '12

if you’ve ever worked retail and you enjoy these rants… here is SHIT RETAIL CUSTOMERS ASK: PART 4. SHARE!


Jul 10 '12

Raven has it all figured out. Hypothetically. And what did autumn & keisha ( @soundlyawake ) do to her?


Jul 6 '12

Raven Blackheart: Has it all figured out. Hypothetically. Ahem.


Jul 5 '12

Raven has it all figured out. Hypothetically. She also has a history with Autumn & Keisha ( @soundlyawake ).